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Leadership - ASB

Roy Cloud School Mrs. Avalos & Ms. RIvoli

Course Description:

Students in this class will learn effective leadership techniques as well as run all aspects of an operative middle school activities program. All members of the Leadership class serve on Roy Cloud School's Associated Student Body (ASB). Our ASB provides for student activities, serves as training experience for student leaders, promotes the common good for all students, gives students a share in the management of the school, develops high ideals of personal conduct, acts as a clearinghouse for student activities, seeks to interest students in school affairs, and helps solve problems that may arise. Officers of ASB are leaders and representatives of the entire student body.

ASB/Leadership is not a "traditional" learning environment. We utilize a hands-on learning approach. Students in the class take leadership roles to not only plan all aspects of our award-winning activities program, but also learn valuable leadership, life, and executive skills. Our curriculum is aligned with CADA/CASL leadership standards that focus on communication, personal/social & civic responsibilities, government, service learning, and business, as well as follow the CADA/CASL Roadmap to improved school culture and climate. Each week we do planning and time management together as a whole class, we have leadership skill lessons and presentations by students, and students rotate through jobs that center around the standards listed above. Incorporated throughout all this, student plan and run our school spirit days, lunchtime activities, school dances, fundraisers, service learning projects, and much more. This class does have a demanding time commitment, but we do not have traditional homework or tests. It is a project-based curriculum where students are graded on participation and meeting standards.

School Rules:

ASB students are viewed as leaders at our school and thus, must set a positive example for the student body. Violations of school rules may have a student placed on probation in ASB. If there are repeat violations, a student may be removed from Roy Cloud’s ASB and placed into another elective, not of the student’s choosing.


Grading in ASB is largely based on active participation as well as the fulfillment of project objectives and assignments. A student cannot earn a passing grade without active participation in ASB activities. Grades and assignment information can be accessed through PowerSchool. Please check grades here often and let me know right away if you have any concerns.

PG Movie Permission:

At times throughout the school year, we will be using videos in class to supplement. These movies have the possibility of having a rating of G or PG (parental guidance). If you have any concerns regarding PG videos being shown in class, please contact Ms. Rivoli or Mrs. Avalos.

I have received and understand the information for my child’s Leadership class at Roy Cloud. Child’s Name ___________________________________________________________

_____I give permission for my child to watch supplemental videos in the leadership class that may have a rating of PG.

______I do not give permission for my child to watch supplemental videos in the leadership class that may have a rating of PG.

Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________ Student Signature _________________


Last Modified on August 14, 2019