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Students have the option to bring a snack and lunch from home, or receive a snack/lunch form the school cafeteria. This year, there is no charge for school meals. Please visit the Food Nutrition section of the RCSD website to complete a Benefit Form which helps the district with funding for the free lunch program. You will also find weekly menus posted here.   

If your child forgets a lunch at home, families may bring the lunch, labeled with the child’s name and room number, and place it in the designated area in the front office.  At lunchtime, students who have forgotten their lunch will automatically go to the office to pick up the lunch. We will do our best to deliver items that have  not been picked up to students in a timely manner.  


  1. Please refer to the Bell Schedule for grade level lunch times.

  2. Students eat their own lunch. We encourage healthy food for healthy bodies and minds for learning.

  3. We ask that you do not include candy or sugary foods in the lunches. Too much sugar affects behavior and interferes with learning.

  4. Students do not share food.

  5. Send food in non-breakable containers only – NO GLASS of any kind is allowed.

  6. Students use polite table manners, including talking in quiet conversations, sitting flat on their bottoms at the assigned lunch tables, remaining seated until the end of the lunch period.

  7. Students ask neighboring students for help in opening food packages or raise their hands for adult help.

  8. All food needs to be consumed at the lunch tables during lunchtime.

  9. Each student is responsible for picking up his/her own trash on the table, under the table and “blown” away from the table. 

  10. Students who want to get a drink of water, go to the bathroom, throw away trash, or get additional lunch items from the café need to raise their hands to get permission to leave the table. 

  11. Lunch boxes are placed in the student’s classroom wagon once they are dismissed.