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Roy Cloud School has an Emergency Plan that is updated and reviewed every year. Emergency drills, including fire drills, earthquake drills, and lockdown/secure campus drills are conducted throughout the year. At these times students are required to leave the classroom and assemble in their assigned areas on the blacktop or field, according to room number. These drills help the teachers and students review their responsibilities and tasks during a true emergency. Staff members are assigned specific duties. Every classroom has an emergency pack with supplies such as flashlights, first aid items, tissues, gloves, and small games for students. These bags are also resupplied as necessary at the beginning of the school year. There is emergency storage shed on the campus that also holds supplies that include:

  • Emergency water and food

  • First aid station supplies

  • Search and rescue tools and equipment

  • Traffic cones and portable shelters


Be sure that your child’s Health/Enrollment Card (on file in the office) has accurate and up-to-date information: phone numbers, family members, people allowed to take your child off of campus, address. Make sure that you list emergency contacts on the card. The only people other than yourself, who can take your child from school, are those you list on the card. Inform these people that you have listed them as authorized persons to take your child in an emergency.

Prepare your child. Let your child know who might be picking him/her up if you are unable to do so. If you work out of the local area, be sure that your child understands that it may take you many hours or even days to reach home. Reassure them that they will be cared for until you arrive. Children who are prepared experience less fear. 


Remain calm. Your child will be well supervised and cared for at school. School personnel must remain with the children. We are well prepared to take care of your child for at least 24 hours. 

  • Please do not call the school. If local phones are working, they will be needed for emergency personnel.

  • Please do not drive to school. Instead, walk or bicycle to school. Leave the street free for emergency vehicles.

  • Once you arrive at school, follow the directions of the staff. Staff will direct you to the appropriate areas for pick up.

  • You must sign your child out to have your child released. Each child will have an identification card with release information on it. A staff member or volunteer will bring your child to you. We count on you to support and follow our emergency student release procedures so we can account for every child. 

If you are delayed and find the school has been evacuated, look for a notice posted in a visible location on the outside of the school which identifies where the remaining children and staff have been relocated.