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At Roy Cloud, we recognize that a child’s appearance is an expression of his/her individuality. However, we expect school attire that is appropriate to the learning environment. Students are asked to attend school dressed in a manner in which is clean and not hazardous to their safety or the safety of others, and which does not detract from the “learning” environment.”  Students shall abide by the following dress code standards: 

  • Clothing must allow for full participation in PE. 

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. To avoid injury, children should wear shoes that are appropriate for physical education activities. 

  • Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal all undergarments. 

  • Clothing or materials that display obscene language, refer to drugs, or pictures of cigarettes and/or alcohol are not permitted. 

Upon immediately identifying offensive clothing, students must cover up the portion deemed inappropriate and/or parents may be called to bring a change of clothing to school. Roy Cloud staff and administration will make these decisions.