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Absences during regular school year

Education Code* sections 46010 and 48205 identify the acceptable reasons for“excused” absences for which the school receives funding (a.d.a). Students who are “excused” must be given opportunity to complete work which is reasonable close to, but not necessarily identical to missed work. The types of absences identified in these codes include the following:

  1. Person illness (school may require doctor’s note and will require doctor’s verification if school deems absences are excessive)

  2. Quarantine under direction of health officer

  3. Personal medical appointment (requires doctor’s note)

  4. Funeral services of parent, sibling, grandparent, brother-in-law, or any relative living in the child’s immediate household (limit is one day in state, and three days out of state)

  5. Students serving on jury duty

  6. Exclusion for medical reason(not to exceed 5 school days)

Absences for religious observance or exercise may be considered “excused if the district governing board has adopted such a policy. Education Code identifies parameters for this type of absence:

  • For moral or religious instruction

  • Limited to four days per month

  • Student must attend minimum school day hours

  • Recommend three days advance written request from parent

Education Code section 48205 identifies acceptable reasons for excuse absences although the school does not receive finding. Students must be given opportunity to complete work which is reasonable close to, but not necessarily identical, to missed work.

  1. Personal court appearance (requires verification)

  2. Prior Principal approval for employment conference

  3. Observance of a religious holiday or ceremony (recommend three days advance notice to school

  4. Religious retreat limited to four hours per semester

  5. He or she is the custodial parent of a child who is ill or has a medical appointment during school hours.

Unacceptable reasons for being absent from school are considered truancies or“unexcused.” The absence is considered a “truancy” if the student voluntarily does the following: the absence is considered“unexcused’ if the parent or guardian requires student to do the following:

  1. Going to work with parent or other family member

  2. Going to the beach, lake, river, mountains or desert

  3. Going to a concert

  4. Getting ready for a date

  5. Babysitting, taking care of other family members

  6. Under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

  7. Joy riding or partying

  8. Personal problems

  9. Repairing car or household items

  10. Waiting fro service or repair people to come

  11. Shopping

  12. Caring

  13. Attending a sporting event

  14. Other reasons not included in Education Code Sections 4610 and 48205

*Education Code is state law and is to be obeyed as other laws of the state.Consequences can be imposed for violation of Education Code.


Last Modified on August 29, 2017