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October 17, 2022 SSC Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Notes

Purpose: Bylaws of the Roy Cloud School Site Council

October 17, 2022 - Meeting Location:  Conference Room

Team Members Present

Melissa Bowdoin - Principal

Kristy Jackson - Assistant Principal

Mary Robinson - Parent

Lisa Webb - Parent

Roger Dettloff - Parent

Mark Peldius - Parent

Jill Downing - Parent

Annette Bacab - Classified Staff

Anna Rivoli - MS Teacher

Steffanie Pappalardo - K-5 RSP Teacher

Steffani Lera - Roy Cloud Librarian


1. Opening 

1.0 Welcome and Roll Call

1.1  Norms

1.2 Public Comment

2. Information

2.0 Steffani Lera To Present Regarding Library Needs

2.1 Review of SPSA Goals and Actions

2.2 English Learners

3. Action

3.0 Election of Officers

4. Adjournment

Next meeting 11/14


  1. Opening

1.0 - Principal Melissa Bowdoin welcomed the council members and the public to this school year’s first School Site Council meeting.  The agenda for the day was shared and reviewed. Role was taken.  

1.1 - Norms - These are the SSC norms that were used during the 21/22 School Year:

  • Respect commitment to the role: attend all meetings, arrive on time, and be prepared.

  • Remain on topic, and be mindful of speaking time.

  • Assume positive intent and maintain a positive tone. 

  • Share openly and honestly.

  • Demonstrate mutual respect and listening

  • Bring multiple perspectives.


1.2 - Public Comment:  No public comments.

  1. Information

2.0 - Steffani Lera from the Roy Cloud Library - Funding from last year - thank you to the School Site Council for the donation of $5000 through Measure U last school year.  The books were in the area of SEL, DEIB, and Environmental Topics.  PTO has also provided some funds for books.  COVID funds have provided the opportunity to improve the school library and update books.  Ms. Lera works with a company called Follett and knows our inventory of books and what we can use.  Steffani has been hesitant to take out of circulation some updated books that are underutilized and not appealing to children.  The books are older and not what catches the eye of students.  They are also not as engaging and accessible as what is currently available.  Steffani has weeded out quite a bit that is old and outdated, for instance, published in 2000.  She has been circulating books in and out and we have certain requirements for what needs to be available in our school library.   Our current collection now has an average publishing date of 2007, although she has not inventoried yet the new books that were purchased in the Spring of 2022.  Once those are inventoried, it may bring that average date.  The goal is to get that average book date closer to the current year.  The total number of books in the library is currently about 10,700. We currently have 16.6 books per student.   Ms. Lera is proposing that Site Council approve more funds in Measure U this year to update the library titles.    Steffani can share the budget provided to the library from the district.  Also, the Scholastic Book Fair funds will allow us to purchase more books - but they have to be from Scholastic.  The funds provided by the district go to books and supplies needed to maintain the library.  There was a question about the average cost per book.  The last order was 300 books costing, $4500.00.  Lisa shared an idea from another school where they ask grandparents to donate one book per child.  She will ask them more about that program and report back to the council.  Could funds be used for author visits?  Yes, however, often authors are willing to visit free of charge.  PTO in the past has funded Author/Illustrator visits.  This year PTO has provided a budget of $2500 which Steffani will utilize to get the most sought-after titles by students.  Steffani and Melissa will look into author visits.  Steffani is requesting $10,000 for this year to update the library.  Council members would like to have more information about how many more books we will need to get to the goal of 25 books per student school-wide.  The council will consider this request once we’ve received our Measure U carryover from last school year and prepare to create and approve an addendum for this year’s budget allocation.  

2.1 Review of SPSA Goals & Actions - Melissa has attended many SPSA workshops on putting together for each school site.  We use the district's 3 goals for our schools and then take a look at data and decide on what actions and services may help us reach our school’s goals.  We are currently in the drafting process of our SPSA and data is still being put together.  Some of the current data is based on last year’s test scores (iReady) are out of date and we would like it to reflect current data.  We need more current target goals and data for us to approve our SPSA.   There were questions about the data pulled by the district - why are only certain grade levels reflected in certain areas - i.e. chronic absenteeism, suspension, etc?  Did they select these particular grade levels to reflect in the data for a reason?  Melissa will attend another SPSA planning meeting this week to get our questions answered.  Once there is updated data, we will more than likely move forward to approve the SPSA electronically and/or in a virtual meeting since these are due to the district by early November for board approval which will occur prior to our next meeting.   There was a question about the target percentages on how these are decided and how this may look differently based on the number of students who are EL in each grade.  Lisa shared that at another school, they decided to split the goals by Site Council members, and each review one part and report back to the council to divide and conquer the large task of reviewing the SPSA.  Melissa will be sending updated targets when we receive the Fall iReady data.  In regards to CAASPP data, we recognized that due to COVID and distance learning, we have a few years of missing data (since we didn’t take the CAASPP for 2 years) which makes it difficult to analyze the year-to-year growth on the CAASPP.   The council had several more questions about the data that was discussed.  

2.2 English Learners - Now that our enrollment is more steady, we currently have 25 students who are classified as English Learners.  This year we have 14 students identified who may be able to reclassify - meaning that they scored an overall Level 4 on the ELPAC last Spring, however, there are other scores to take into consideration as well as teacher comments or recommendations for reclassification.  Students who have IEPs may be able to reclassify during their IEP meeting based on the team's decision.  In speaking with the district EL department and based on our numbers, they would like us to have an ELAC.  This can be a separate committee that meets independently or an EL parent who would join the Site Council to represent English Learners.  We’ve learned that an ELAC does not have to have officers, and can just meet as a group.  

Some current data we are looking at in planning ELD instruction and intervention for students:

Overall ELPAC Levels:

Level 1 - Minimally Developed - 2 students

Level 2 - Somewhat Developed - 4 students

Level 3 - Moderately Developed - 9 students

Level 4 - Well Developed - 11 students

Special Education - 7 students

Out of the domains - Listening, Speaking, Writing, Reading, the domain where students are making less progress is in the Reading & Writing domains.  We will continue to support our students in these areas with integrated ELD in Tier 1 (the classroom) and in our Tier 2 reading intervention small groups (with our intervention specialists).  

  1. Action

3.0 - Election of Officers - Two parents reached out to Melissa in regards to being officers of the School Site Council.  

Chairperson - Jill Downing 

Vice-Chairperson - Lisa Webb

Secretary - Stefanie Pappalardo (volunteered during meeting)

Council voted to approve the election of each officer:  Votes:  11 Yes/0 No

  1.  Adjournment -  Meeting adjourned at 4:06 p.m. Next meeting 11/14.

Follow-Up Needed: When Melissa gets updated data and more information in regards to our iReady data and target goals, she will share with the council and send to the members.  Then we will have a virtual vote to approve the 2022-2023 SPSA.