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November 14, 2022 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Notes

Purpose: Bylaws of the Roy Cloud School Site Council

November 14, 2022 - Meeting Location:  Library

Team Members Present

Melissa Bowdoin - Principal

Kristy Jackson - Assistant Principal

Mary Robinson - Parent

Lisa Webb - Parent

Mark Peldius - Parent

Jill Downing - Parent

Steffani Lera - Classified Staff

Anna Rivoli - MS Teacher


The agenda for Monday's meeting: 

1. Opening 

1.0 Welcome and Roll Call

1.1  Norms

1.2 Public Comment


2. Information

2.0 Erin Levin to present STEAM TOSA expectations - Jessica to join

2.1 SPSA Updates/Next Steps

2.2 English Learners

2.3 PLC Work Updates

2.4 School Programs/School Events Updates

2.5 Steffani Lera providing an update for the Library


3. Action


4. Adjournment

Next meeting 12/12 - In Library



  1. Opening

1.0  Welcome by Melissa Bowdoin

1.1 - Norms - These are the SSC norms that were used during the 21/22 School Year:

  • Respect commitment to the role: attend all meetings, arrive on time and be prepared.

  • Remain on topic, and be mindful of speaking time.

  • Assume positive intent and maintain a positive tone. 

  • Share openly and honestly.

  • Demonstrate mutual respect and listening

  • Bring multiple perspectives.


1.2 - Public Comment:  Received positive feedback in regards to Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day by teachers and appreciation for Ms. Bowdoin & Mrs. Jackson for coming into the classroom for Ruby Bridges discussions.

  1. Information

2.0 - STEAM TOSA Expectations - The STEAM TOSA position is funded through our PTO and Measure U.  There is a desire to collaborate with the two funding groups to lay out clear expectations and a scope and sequence for the STEAM program.  Jessica Kwa, STEAM TOSA, reviewed the STEAM TOSA position and what the STEAM program at Roy Cloud provides.  Jessica shared with the council information on what she is working on with different grades of students and gave an estimate of the amount of time she spends with each grade level over a period of time.  Erin Levins who oversees PTO programs asked some clarifying questions.  The two funding groups will continue to collaborate to support a successful STEAM programat Roy Cloud. 

2.1 SPSA Approval - Our 22/23 SPSA was approved by the Site Council and submitted to the district for review.  Our SPSA will be presented for approval to the board at the Wednesday 11/16 board meeting.  Question: Where will the data come from when it comes time to assess our progress?  Climate Survey is one of those data points.  Discussion about how  we can get a larger response on the parent survey.  The council had Ideas for incentivizing parents and making it more easily accessible for parents to fill out.  Do we need to advertise or communicate more than we are already doing?  

2.2 English Learners - We will be sending out a Google Form to our families of English learners to better understand the interest/desire for parent participation in plans to create a Roy Cloud ELAC committee.  Annette Bacab in the office is Spanish speaking and will help us communicate and work with these families.  Reclassification and ceremony will be happening soon.

2.3 PLC Work Updates - To address climate and culture, we have begun to work on this in staff teams.  Teachers have been separated into Climate/Culture groups in the area of SEL, PBIS, Anti-Hate, DEIB, & MTSS.  These groups meet during staff meeting time once a month and will be provided professional development and resources in their area of focus.  There will be opportunities for teams to share out with the group and organize programs for the community.  The council had questions about mindfulness and whether lessons are integrated into our curriculum.  Students and staff were trained in mindfulness for several years starting in the 2019 school year.  The school team members shared with the council some of the current mindfulness practices that are being used in classrooms. 

2.4 School Programs/School Events - Author studies/visits will be coming up - author visits coming soon to support literacy and understanding in the area of Native Americans - virtual - MS - “The Fire Keepers Daughter” and K-5 - The Jiggle Dancer”.  We are looking for new ideas and opportunities and request the SSC to give us their ideas.

2.5 - Library Follow-Up - Steffani Lera - We currently have 11,483 books, the average age is 2007, and the books per child is 17.  Diversity - 4000, SEL - 4000, Average age 2007/2008, DEIB, Discrimination/Prejudice 2010/2011.  The report that Steffani has received is very detailed and helps us with making purchases for the library.   Long-term to get our library up to date and to the standard book-per-student ratio would cost us $100K.  Ms. Leri still requests from the Council that $10,000 be allocated for the library.  Lisa shared the results of a program called Birthday Books that another school uses.  The idea to suggest library funding through the PTO Fund a Need was discussed.    Virtual Author Speaker Program - online live, 2-3 times a month - Ms. Lera will be meeting with them tomorrow to get more information.  Pricing is 250 - 275 students, $975 for the year - K-5 only. 

  1. Action

3.0 -  No actions are needed from today’s meeting.  


  1.  Adjournment - The meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.  The next meeting is on 12/12/22.

Follow-Up Needed:  N/A