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March 21, 2022 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Notes March 21, 2021, 3:00 p.m. - Virtual Meeting via Zoom 

Team Members Present 


Kristy Jackson 


TBD (K-2) 

Jill Faulkner (3-5) 

Anna Rivoli (6-8) 


Gina Krigbaum 

Mary-Elizabeth Robinson 

Roger Detloff 

Elena Levina 

Christina Andiazabal 

Classified personnel 

Sylvia Villareal Cooper 


Heidi von Briel 

Alex Dendy 

1. Opening 

1.1. Welcome and Roll Call 

1.2. Norms 

1.3. Public Comment 

■ 5th grade, can we move to 3 classes? We have sixty 4th graders with 3 on the waitlist for school of choice. Dr. Baker is aiming for classes of minimum 27 students per class. 

2. Information 

2.1. English Learners (1 min.) 

■ We currently have 25 English learners, may go up from a few new transfers. 

2.2. Review current year SPSA/Actions and Services 

■ Tech refresh is not needed but we could use the funds for 20 doc cameras. PTO has funding in our current budget that could help with this too. We will do an email vote since this wasn’t published on the agenda.

■ Discussed other line items that may change in 2022/23 and what we’ve spent to date 

■ With our current level of spend, we are likely to have surplus to apply to next year. There is no limit to the amount that we can roll over. 

2.3. Committee Updates (5 min.) 

■ DEIB - presentations from Sam from Changing Perspectives in 

classrooms coming soon, there will also be a parent night. Created lesson plans for teachers to create a puzzle of belonging that shares unique learning styles, personalities and traits that will fit together in one big puzzle. This month’s focus is on neurodiversity. 

2.4. Budget Update (5 min.) 

■ See notes above under ‘Review current year SPSA’ 

2.5. Slide Presentation from Jessica Kwa (10 min.) 

■ Showed video with broad updates on the work Ms. Kwa is doing 

3. Action 

4. Adjournment - Next meeting 4/11, 3:00pm