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February 27, 2023 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Notes

Purpose: Bylaws of the Roy Cloud School Site Council

February 27, 2023 - Meeting Location:  Roy Cloud Library

Team Members Present

Melissa Bowdoin - Principal

Kristy Jackson - Assistant Principal

Roger Detloff - Parent

Lisa Webb - Parent

Mark Peldius - Parent

Jill Downing - Parent

Annette Bacab - Classified Staff

Anna Rivoli - MS Teacher

Linda Kiefer - 3-5 Teacher



The agenda for today's meeting: 

1. Opening 

1.0 Welcome and Roll Call

1.1  Norms

1.2 Public Comment

2. Information

2.0 Measure U Addendum

2.1 English Learners Updates

3. Action - Approval of Measure U Addendum

4. Adjournment

Next meeting 3/20


  1. Opening - Melissa reviewed the norms.  Team member attendance was taken. 

  2. Public Comment - Anna Rivoli shared that Annette Bacab, our new Office Manager, has been doing an excellent job and she appreciates the wonderful help and customer service that she is providing - all team members agreed with this sentiment!

  3. Information - Measure U Addendum - At our last meeting, we took an initial look at the Measure U addendum that reflects our carryover from last year.  We discussed some of the proposed funding and allocations.  The council reviewed the addendum.  

DEI&B - Is this currently happening.  Is the amount of $ allocated being used and will it be needed in th future?  This year we are addressing DEI&B a bit differently from last year.  This year DEI&B is a part of a staff initiative and a part of our culture & climate PLCs/meetings.  Teachers and staff are on the following committees:  PBIS, SEL, DEI&B, Anti-Hate, & MTSS.  We meet once a month and work in teams to look at current practice and discuss future implementation.  What if we were to edit this line item in our Measure U Addendum to incorporate all of the culture & climate school teams and be utilized by all committees in all areas?  Do we want to allocate more of our carryover to this line item? 

Other suggestions to utilize our carryover?  

Are there opportunities to include more sub for teachers to observe other teachers within out school, district, other schools in the community?

What about funding for student assemblies?

Lisa Webb - do these things fall under Measure U goals or should it be more focused toward academic improvement - math, reading, science, etc.?  Climate/Culture committees support the overall well-being of the community in all aspects.

Questions about field trip allocation - there should be consistent funding for field trips for all grade levels.  What is this being used for?  Transportation, scholarships, to lower high costs of field trips, etc.  The suggested allocation of $35,000 would help support costs this year and upfront costs for the beginning of next school year.  

TECH - Does the district help pay for tech?  Yes & No.  In the past PTO has helped support with the refresh.  The most recent refresh was funded by grants and COVID funds provided to the district.  Looking at next year, we will need to allocate money for the tech refresh that is needed for the 24-25 school year.  This will be a large amount of money.  The council has decided to use the additional carry-over to begin purchasing Chromebooks for the 24-25 tech refresh.  

The council will review the 22-23 Measure U Addendum and then vote by email next week.

  1. Action - Melissa will edit/clean up the addendum document and send out to the council members to vote.  

  2.  Adjournment - The meeting adjourned at 4:09 pm. The next meeting is on March 20, 2023.

Follow-Up Needed: