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April 17, 2023 SSC Minutes

School Site Council

April 17th

Meeting to be held at school - Library


           Administration           Teachers                                                               

Melissa Bowdoin/Kristy Jackson Stefanie Pappalardo (K-2)

            3-5 Linda Kiefer (3-5)

            Anna Rivoli (6-8)


Mary Robinson

Roger Detloff

Lisa Webb

Jillana Downing

Mark Peldius


Classified Personnel

Annette Bacab/Steffani Lera



1. Opening 

1.0 Welcome and Roll Call - Members Present:  Lisa Webb, Roger Detloff, Linda Kiefer, Kristy Jackson,  Melissa Bowdoin, Anna Rivoli, Stefanie Pappalardo

1.1  Norms

1.2 Public Comment

2. Information

2.0 Panorama Survey:  The survey just started today, April 17th.  Families will get the link today in the Roy Cloud parent communication email. The survey goes to all members of the school district. Melissa explained that the more people that fill it out, the better decisions our school can make.  She asked for suggestions to increase participation.  Anna suggested a station at Family Fest and the Book Fair.  Roger thought that he thought he had already done it, Melissa explained there are two per year - the fall and now to compare any changes that have occurred between that time frame.   The window of the survey is two weeks, which seems short for some parents. 


2.1 iReady Updates:  We just finished our third diagnostic for the school year. Overall, our trends for the number of students who are on grade level are going up and the number of students two-to-three grade levels below has gone down. 


Linda shared that Karen Hinojosa works with specific groups of 4th graders to help them with specific concepts.  She also assigns iReady lessons through the MyPath to support those students with concepts they need more time with.  Linda is adjusting the lessons to be more challenging as they grow through the lessons and get better with the material. 


Melissa reminded the Council that while  these scores are a good indicator of student ability, they are also only a snapshot of where they may be on one particular day.  Some students navigate iReady tasks more easily than others since the program requires varying amounts of typing or critical thinking skills, which some students may find challenging or tedious. Students need to use paper and pencil to work out the math problems, however, many are reluctant to do it.  


Student growth is checked frequently, and students are being recognized for personal growth by their teachers.  Kristy is planning to honor these students at an honor roll assembly with a certificate of achievement.  


A discussion about supplemental math instruction with MARS tasks ensued.  MARS tasks are real-world problems that support common core standards.  Roy Cloud is working with Silicon Valley Math Institute (SVMI) to help us provide fun math activities that support expansion of our students’ competencies in mathematics. 


2.2 Elections for 23-24:  Nominations for next year’s positions will be delayed until the May meeting.  Roger shared that people need to be informed of the council so that we can more easily recruit members.  There are two parent positions that need to be recruited.  Melissa offered to put the need for new members in her weekly parent communication along with a Google form that people can fill out if they are interested. 


2.3 English Learners Updates:  Kristy shared that we are finishing our summative ELPAC tests this week.  The numbers of EL students continue to keep declining due to students being reclassified.  


3. Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 3:48 pm.   The next meeting will be held on 5/15/2023.