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October 18, 2021 Agenda

School Site Council
Meeting Agenda
October 25, 2021
3:00-4:00 PM



Diane Prystas
Kristy Jackson

Rotating (K-2) Tammi Maguire
Linda Kiefer/Jill Faulkner (3-5)
Anna Rivoli (6-8)

Christine Andiazabal
Elena Levina
Gina Krigbaum
Mary Robinson
Roger Detloff

Classified personnel
Anna Solorio/
Charlene VanderMartin

1. Opening
1.0 Welcome and Roll Call
1.1 Norms
1.2 Public Comment

2. Information
2.0 English Learners
2.1 Committee Updates
2.2 SPSA Goals

3. Action
3.1 Approval of SPSA Goals (may
need to move to November)

4. Adjournment
Next meeting 11/15, 3:00pm