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7th/8th Math - Worrell, Keith

About Me:

This is my first year at Roy Cloud and 21st year in education. It is exciting to be joining this vibrant community, living on the peninsula my entire life and the past 12 years in Redwood City. When I am not at Roy Cloud or coaching robotics, I love spending time with my wife and son hiking, cycling, camping, cooking, or just enjoying a movie at home.

I graduated from Western Governors University with a B.S. in Mathematics Education, Secondary. I love mathematics because it is a rich history of high precision curiosity about the world we share. Curious, explorative play is our most powerful instinct when our need for physical, emotional, and intellectual safety are met. I look forward to creating that environment together at Roy Cloud with all our students.



E-mail address:

Extension number: 3365


am from San Diego originally but went to Santa Barbara and Boston for college before attending San Jose State f. My two children are now attending Roy

Something about your class/teaching philosophy:

Every student is a math student! We embrace mistakes in this