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Meet Our Vice Principal

Mr. Dave Hicks

MIT Assistant Principal David Hicks

With over twenty years of experience in the educational sector, Mr. Hicks has devoted his career to the integration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) across all areas of the curriculum. His journey in education has seen him embrace a variety of roles - from a classroom teacher and technology educator to a pioneering Makerspace developer for K-8 institutions. His expansive career also spans roles such as a magnet school coordinator and a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA), with a consistent emphasis on Design Thinking, technological integration, and experiential learning.

Mr. Hicks is a proud holder of a Master's degree in Education, specializing in Industrial Technologies from San Francisco State University, and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of California, San Diego. His rich educational foundation, enriched by his experience in the private sector as a marketing manager, equips him with a unique blend of insights and expertise that he brings to our educational community.

In addition to his proficiency in teaching emergent readers and advanced mathematics, Mr. Hicks has a deep-seated passion for connecting with families. He values understanding the unique strengths, passions, and cultural traditions of his students. His keen interest in data collection, trend analysis, and making information accessible to the educational staff is pivotal in guiding collaborative efforts. These efforts are aimed at recognizing student strengths, pinpointing areas of need, and selecting the most effective tools, strategies, and accommodations to foster student development.

Mr. Hicks is thrilled to contribute his leadership talents to Roy Cloud, aiming to uplift our students, their families, the faculty, and the broader school community. He eagerly anticipates the opportunity to meet you, support your family and your child during challenging times, and celebrate your child’s achievements and growth over the course of the year. His dedication to creating a nurturing and innovative learning atmosphere resonates with our school’s core values, promising a brighter future for our community.