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Our School Garden

Roy Cloud’s garden program builds hands-on connections to science, nutrition, and health lessons that directly tie into State curriculum standards. The flourishing garden--a parent-inspired initiative - serves each K-5 classroom with weekly modules and themes often with the assistance of outside agencies who have expertise in areas such as biology and environmental science.

Largely powered by PTO funding and parent volunteers, the outdoor learning space boasts a small greenhouse, a three-part compost system, fruit trees, and a dozen garden beds. The garden doubles as a place of emotional wellbeing and a connection to the outside world.

Time spent in the garden also builds a greater appreciation of healthy items on the menu when students are able to tend to plants in a garden, growing nutritious items to share and eat. 

Students are able to watch the progress of their plants week by week, as well as observing insects and pollinators who make visits to the verdant foliage and rich soil. With hands in the earth, children make scientific discoveries and explore important concepts such as the water cycle and plant identification.

New to the 23-24 school year: We'll now offer an Enrichment option for students in 6th-8th grade to sign up for during one of the three trimesters. More information will be delivered to your students at the beginning of the school year.