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What is a CharacterDare?

The CharacterDare process is a series of prompts and reflective conversations organized around specific character challenges (i.e., dares) that provide students and staff with ideas, opportunities, and accountability to put character in action and thereby develop their character over time.

The Purpose of the Character Dare

The purpose of the CharacterDare process is to build habits of character by offering consistent, practical ways to engage in the practice of these sometimes-abstract traits. A weekly (and sometimes daily) exercise and check-in around something like kindness helps bring the character trait to life in our real relationships and provides a system for regular conversation and action.

Why do the “dare?”

Many schools clarify what their values or pillars are, but do not provide tangible ways to build them as skills in day to day life. In the absence of consistent practice, these value words are just “good ideas.” In order to truly be a school of Respect, all people in the building need regular opportunities to engage in the practice of Respect. Without a common language (or explicit ideas) on what Respect looks like in action, a school will not see any behavioral results. The CharacterDare process provides clear, practical ways to engage in character development by providing ideas to students, staff, administrators, and families to put these values into consistent action. When implemented effectively, the opportunities for reflection (whether or not people actually did the Dares) can provide the most communal and individual growth.