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Social Emotional Learning at Roy Cloud

A positive school culture rests on a foundation of four essential environmental supports: caring adult relationships, high expectations, meaningful opportunities for engagement, and a strong sense of belonging. The Roy Cloud community is committed to growing these supports giving rise to a positive school climate. In such a climate, our students thrive academically, relationally, and emotionally, while approaching decisions maturely.

The PurposeFull People and CharacterStrong program recognizes that underlying behavioral practices are steeped in character and social and emotional learning with resiliency as the destination. Real skills, not soft skills, students are only getting a fraction of what they need. Beyond a typical character and SEL curriculum, CharacterStrong addresses the whole school community with content specific to elementary school and middle school, adult relationship practices, school wide integration, and student leadership available to all students.

At the core, CharacterStrong recognizes “it’s all about relationships.” In these challenging times, we are convinced we can create a rich school culture and thriving school climate. Learn how you can play an active role, join us!